About Us

Who we are: DESTINATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY specialized in Relocation, Concierge, Travel&Events Services

What we do: We offer online assistance or in-person concierge support for destination services. Consulting Services – Highly Skilled Assistant, Expert’s Insider Knowledge, Local Tips and more Authentic Experience

Since 2013 we focused on being a true partner to our clients by offering consistently exceptional quality, responsiveness, customization and value.

Advising. Connecting. Supporting. Experience you can trust, service you can count on!


We help simplify the relocation and business travel process.

We work hard to reduce the complexity and uncertainty involved with being in a foreign country.

We ensure by the delivery of quality services that you will have a stress-free, successful and enjoyable experience in Bucharest.

We are confident that we can provide you with the highest level of support in order to be a reliable and approachable partner.



We are challenging the costly, non-flexible in-person destination services approach. Our primary goal is to make the destination services affordable to everyone and turn it into a must-have. For leisure or business travel, living, work or study – we have it covered.



We do what’s right, in the right way with the highest moral and ethical standards.


We deliver real value to our customers. What we promise, we deliver


is a must.


People buy from people before they buy from brands. We are proud to stand behind the brand, delivering exceptional and trusted service. We keep our word and manage expectations.

Commitment to Excellence

We are 100% dedicated to our customers to deliver the best experience.

Customer Focus

Customers are the greatest asset of our business and customer care is at the heart of what we do. Our customers pay us salary and help us to grow.


We take away the guesswork We work hard to reduce the complexity and uncertainty involved with being in a foreign country.
You’ll experience Bucharest’s best without the uncertainties and hassles, feeling comfortable in your new environment.
We advise and assist you. Online personal assistance services in real-time. Our advisors are committed to provide you with the highest level of support.
Essentially, we provide a one stop shop being a single point-of-contract to manage and take the responsibility of the service implementation and supplier management. We handle the entire process and remain your liaison and advocate with our suppliers, before, during and after the service.
We offer continuous assistance during your stay in Bucharest. We value your time while enjoying the life abroad
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  • Language Gap - Sometime language can be a big problem for many people when living at a new place.
  • Feeling of insecurity at a new place is very common human nature and sometime minor setbacks can also create serious problem
  • We take away the guesswork and uncertainty and hassles of planning the process on your own.
  • Lack of understanding of cross cultural, lifestyle differences and business etiquette
  • Insider Knowledge & Local Tips and more authentic experience