Bucharest Advisors will support you from the moment you arrive till the time you leave and guide you throughout your stay.

Our Concierge Service combines the ease of online assistance with the personalized touch of a dedicated and capable Concierge team that serves you remotely.

We will help you start a new life and provide convenience to ease your day to day life and to make your transition to Bucharest as easy as possible.

We provide personalized services to Expats depending on individual needs.

We have listed samples of services that we can help you with. If you don’t find what you’re looking for within our categories, then just ask us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We have the advantage of being locals and therefore have a wide knowledge of the service providers in Bucharest keeping you away of feeling overwhelmed and confused by the quantity of information available online.

We’ll fill in the gaps – the things you lack the expertise, contacts or time to arrange yourself.

We’ll organize anything and everything or just the bits you really can’t stand!



Social life

>Providing information regarding local shopping for consumer goods, specialty foods, as well as dining
>Networking events and social groups
>Customized suggestions for your free time – cultural, sports or creative activities
>Cultural Transition support – Intercultural training and orientation
>Language lessons

Beauty and Wellness

>Beauty treatments, hairdressers, massage therapists, manicure/pedicure
>At home beauty services
>At home massage services
>Recommendations and bookings to SPAS, yoga and meditation practices
>Fitness classes & personal trainer

Health and Personal Care

>Providing information related to medical, dental providers, and an overview of the local health care system
>Advising on the best medical services and private clinics in Bucharest
>Recommendations and appointments to medical specialists
>Veterinary assistance is also available upon request

Day to Day assistance

>Translate local language
>Solve clammy problems
>Local travel info Recommend place to visit
>Translation services
>Insurance advisory and facilitation: assistance with finding and obtaining coverage for automotive, property, health, life, etc.
>Advice and information on anything you come across that needs an explanation: official letters, bank forms, insurance policies, traffic violations etc.
>Ad hoc problem solving

Event Management & Entertainment

>Private city, restaurants and bars tour
>Nightlife guide
>Planning and booking activities
>Coordinating and managing events
>Personal chauffeur: car & driver, limousine service, photographers, private security


>Communication with utility providers on your behalf; internet, mobile, electricity and gas providers
>Finding and arranging a handyman or other services
>Cleaning and dry cleaning services
>Gardening, Pool maintenance


Sign up for a Concierge Subscription or Hourly Service and access your very own on call personal assistant & concierge. Choose what better fits your needs; if you only need a few services a year, then hourly service request may suit you.

To fit your unique individual needs we offer monthly subscription, as well as hourly a la carte services, so you pay for precisely what you need.

Hourly Plan gives you the flexibility of using the service whenever you want without any commitments: Pay as you use. Depending of the complexity we give you a preliminary estimate of the time required to fully deal with your query.

Subscription plans offer you exclusive benefits: Dedicated Personal Lifestyle Manager and Virtual assistance. Our monthly plans are designed to fit various requirements and budgets, ranging from just a few hours a month all the way up to a full time assistant.

We can also customize a monthly membership plan tailored to your specific budget, needs and requirements.

Please check our Concierge Service Options:

A LA CARTE (On Demand hourly service)




  • Balance, relaxed living stress-free-successful and enjoyable experience when living Bucharest
  • Time for yourself, family and friends- we value your time while enjoying the life abroad
  • Help you feel at home in Bucharest- before you know it you will feel like a local


  • Access to services and confidentiality
  • A 24h dedicated team at your disposal
  • Significant stress, energy, time and cost savings
  • With just one click, call, text or email, your tasks can be done, your arrangements made, your planning completed


You Inquire.

GET TO KNOW US 10 min free consulting – you book it via quick form

We assess your needs for concierge subscription

We do an initial interview to determine your needs and how we can best support you via Phone, Skype, or Whatsapp. The more info you give us, the better we can serve you.


Enter your payment for the selected subscription via our e-shop page.

Concierge Assistance

A Concierge Advisor will be assigned for you during the subscription period

Extend Assistance

If your time is used up and you feel you need more assistance, you can simply extend your subscription with another couple of hours/months of online assistance