February 5, 2021


There is no doubt that people today are more independent and self-directed than ever.  That doesn’t mean, however, that they do not need and value assistance.  Virtual (or unaccompanied) Destination Services can provide you with behind the scenes support to take care of administrative tasks and advocate on your behalf.  Virtual does not mean on your own.  Rather, our Advisor works in partnership with you to set schedules, line up appointments and provide advice. It means that you receive the support that you need, the way you want it. We focus on being a true partner to our clients by offering consistently exceptional quality, responsiveness, customization and value. Our flexible approach ensures highly efficient support by providing counseling, information and referrals through a combination of research and phone/skype/email assistance.

 Our Vision – We are challenging the costly, non-flexible in-person destination services approach. Our primary goal is to make the destination services affordable to everyone and turn it into a must-have!

Local Expert Service – we are a local company having an intimate knowledge of local culture. The local knowledge and expertise are important to ensure significant stress, energy, time and cost savings.

Cost-effective and innovative service – order and buy online one or more services. Pay-as-you-go and buy-as-you-choose. Buy only the service you need at the price you can afford. This gives you much more flexibility, lowers the cost and ensures social distancing.

Online personal assistance services in real-time – the service process can be managed from the comfort of your own home. So all of your planning can be done virtually before your arrival. Hassle-free Bucharest experience-tailor made quality assistance, someone you can rely on to make sure your time is as optimized as possible.

Personal Approach – Our focus, to assess individual lifestyle needs, is helping us to plan and advise accordingly in order for you to feel welcome in Bucharest. We cut through the information overload and advise about only what is relevant to you and your personal circumstances, we help provide a realistic view of the time and cost involved, you get our customized attention to ensure your needs and expectations are met.

Service guarantee – 100% Money Back Guaranteed-If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied! That’s why we’ll happily give your money back for our service. We want you to be totally happy with our service, so we are proud to offer your money back guarantee if, after every effort to meet your expectations has been made in good faith and you are not completely satisfied.

All of the services provide with 1-on-1 consultation and support to ensure the peace of mind. Real time personal online assistance for Business Travelers and expatriates relocating to Bucharest.


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