February 23, 2021
February 23, 2021

SERVICE TARGET: Who is it for?

  • Private Individuals – Self Made Expats – Digital nomads
  • Corporate Employees – Ideal for those with ‘lump-sum’ or ‘managed lump-sum’ relocation packages
  • International Students

Everyone needs some type of support when moving to a new destination and the “Virtual” Advisor can be invaluable. Real-time support – to ensure a smooth and effective relocation to Bucharest.


* YOU respect and value your time and budget

* YOU want EASY & HASSLE FREE TRANSITION TO A NEW COUNTRY: we help you make a smooth and successful transition into your new life in Bucharest!

* YOU want a tailor made quality assistance



Bucharest Advisors is the assurance of a single point of contact to help you in all of your procedures and provide you with good plans and tips for relocating with complete peace of mind. You will benefit from in-depth local knowledge from a relocation consultant who can align budgets with expectations, providing empathy and expertise for a successful transition into the new life in Bucharest.

Traditional DSP (Destination Service Provider) vs Bucharest Advisors virtual service

What is the difference?

Bucharest Advisors is similar to traditional DSP services when it comes to the preparation and empathy shown in planning the assignee’s settling-in success.

The difference is how we deliver our relocation support.

Focusing on guiding expats through their relocation journey with expert direction and an affordable price point, you will be assigned your own personal relocation planner to ease your stress levels during these pressure-ridden times. Plus, virtual location services offer customized solutions through every milestone of your relocation.

There are a number of key advantages when engaging virtual relocation service:

Step-by-step guidance: Virtual relocation services can easily provide step-by-step guidance on what you have to focus on at different stages of your relocation journey, such as entry guidelines and documentation to begin with –  RELOCATION PLAN pre arrival assistance and home search and immigration later on.

Cost Effective: Virtual relocation services are more affordable than most traditional relocation services!

A virtual relocation provider like Bucharest Advisors will help guarantee that your entire relocation journey is planned and processed by professionals at an affordable cost, so that everyone (and not just corporate-funded employees) can easily access professional guided service—virtually.

You decide which matters are sufficiently important to leave the consultant to deal with and what you can do by yourself.  More focus on specific your needs.

Flexibility: Bucharest Advisors’ Guided Services allow our clients to receive the same tailored support as traditional Destination Services while providing more flexibility, all without sacrificing quality. Our Guided Services offer Assignees the flexibility to go to appointments on their own time while being fully supported by experienced and knowledgeable Destination Consultants. Unlike traditional relocation companies, where most of the services are accompanied by a relocation consultant on authorized days, virtual services priorities you and your calendar.

Efficiency: Faster service book & delivered online SIMPLE AND FAST BOOKING EXPERIENCE. This gives the assignee much more flexibility, lowers the cost and ensures social distancing.

Comfortable- physical presence is not necessary, can be done from the comfort of your home. Our online services reduce time wasted getting places. Providing direct support when needed is like having access to a team of Relocation Specialists who can provide you with information instantly!

Our different levels of service cater to every budget and allow you to take as much control of your relocation as you want. Let us manage your entire relocation for you or choose how much you manage yourself using our supported online relocation services.

Whatever your relocation needs, whether you want to relocate yourself or have Bucharest Advisors manage your entire relocation, we are ready to help with our expert advice, friendly approach and personalized service.