After Care Assistance



1h personal online assistance. Assessment: The service will address any issues you face after your relocation and offer functional support.

Service information and support

It consists of:

1h personal online skype meeting and briefing with our Advisor: 1h Assistance Ad hoc problem solving

After arrival expatriates can be faced with many questions and challenges, both in their work and in their domestic life.

If you are finding yourself out of time, stressed and overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities and need help getting some of your to do list items, the After Care service takes the pressure off you and enables you to focus on your new role, safe in the knowledge that your needs are being taken care of by offering functional support.

-Ad hoc problem solving

-Resources recommendations: medical specialists, tax matters, lawyers etc.

-Advice and information on anything you come across that needs an explanation: official letters, bank forms, insurance policies, traffic violations etc.


Finding answers and getting practical support is perhaps the most important aspect of a successful and happy relocation. Our Advisor remains available to you in the days and weeks following your move. We’re at hand and on the phone to guide you through any problems and changes, and any requirements Our goal is to minimize the disruption and inconvenience normally associated with the relocation.



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