Departure Assistance



2h personal online assistance. Assessment: Make sure you can leave Romania without loose strings.

Service information and support

It consists of:

1h personal online skype meeting and briefing with our Advisor: we determine your specific needs and establish which type of support is required in your situation

1h for the service: our Advisor will provide you with the required information for the service via e-mail:

comprehensive assistance on how to terminate accounts, close contracts and cancel subscriptions before you leave the country.

home closing: cancellation of all basic and requested utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet)

bank account cancellation

coordination of security deposit return

letter of notification to landlord

preparing house/apartment for handover

residence permit cancellation


We design our departure services around you, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind before, during and after your move. Our departure services will ensure that you are ready for the journey ahead. Handling the departure process with expertise is the key to a stress-free return for you.



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