Meet the Advisor



2h personal meeting. Assessment: Based on your interests you will get valued information tailor made during a cup of coffee with our consultant.

Service information and support

It consists of:

A two hour conversation with a local consultant who is totally familiar with the city you will be relocating to. Searching the internet does not always give specific knowledge on the location. Your consultant will assist you with the pre-orientation information and tell you about all the do’s, or the don’ts relevant to the area you will be relocating to. Thanks to the two hour package your most urgent questions will be answered, your decisions and prioritizing will be simplified. Should the two hour consultation prove not to be enough time, you can simply purchase additional hours.


Meet your local Advisor when you arrive. Learn about local life, culture and get tips, resources and ideas that will help you go forward into living and working locally. We have all the local information and home grown tips on the best city activities, where to do them and when! We developed expertise and use that knowledge to provide a valuable service.



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